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Panima and the Interview with David McCann

Panima – Warped Tour 2008 San Diego
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater – Chula Vista

Ernie Ball Stage

David – Vocals
Steven – Guitar
Justin -Guitar/ Vocals
Raul – Drums
Davith -Bass/Vocals

Panima - Warped Tour 2008 San Diego Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista 8/14/2008

While walking around Warped Tour, we were getting inundated with bands and band managers trying to get us to see their band or do an interview.  I was even grabbed by the arm by one manager, but I was off to see Motion City Soundtrack. On the other end of the spectrum, it is great to run into bands that we’ve met before. David from Panima is one of those guys. My apologies because most know him as “Fro”. If I have to explain that, you aren’t looking at the pictures.

Panima hails from Riverside, California, not too far from The Dead Hub Headquarters. The word around Southern California is if these guys keep busy pushing they way they are, Panima will be the next big band to come out of Riverside. What other band had great success that came from Riverside? Alien Ant Farm.

Warped Tour started a contest via Myspace where fans voted who would play Warped Tour.  Panima won a slot on the Ernie Ball Stage, thanks to all the fan voting!

We met up with David for a couple minutes before they hit the Ernie Ball stage at 7:15pm.

Panima - Warped Tour 2008 San Diego Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista 8/14/2008

Jessica: How is Warped Tour treating you?

David: Really Well! It’s fun but really hard. It’s hard because there is a lot to it. We set up around 7a.m. then pack up around 10p.m. We don’t get much sleep.

J: Have you played or jammed with any other bands on the tour yet?

D: I sing on stage with Greeley Estates (Hurley Stage) now and then.

J: What’s your favorite part of being on Warped Tour?

D: I wake up in a new state every day. Also, getting to travel the entire United States and see places that I have never seen before.

J: What are your plans after Warped Tour wraps up?

D: Chill! Hanging with the family. Then we are touring again starting in October.

J: What is the newest album Panima has out now?

D: Take Cover which is actually an EP.

Band Pictures/ Click on thumbnails to enlarge picture: