Phil and the Osophers perform laser eye surgery on their friend in new video for High Art!

Phil and the Osophers

Watch High Art Here.

“Modern art makes Phil & the Osophers want to get their eyes fixed… in this loose, ramshackle clip for this loose, ramshackle indie-pop tune… [Phil] sings in a slack voice about almost losing his creative touch, while the track’s bright, trebly tones and unassuming production recall kiwi-poppers like the Clean” – Pitchfork

Phil and the Osophers premiered the video for High Art yesterday at Pitchfork.  High Art is a song about artists creating their work for both dignified and superficial reasons. The Brooklyn three-piece’s video is the first from their fifth album “Toward Conquering The Invisible North” and features the gang taking over a doctor’s office, goofing around and performing laser eye surgery on their friend Vanessa.  Phil, tho unlicensed, swears he has read up on how to perform the surgery and we’ll know in a few weeks whether Vanessa will ever be able to see colors or focus her retina again.

INAUGURATION BONUS!  Right after it happened, Phil and the Osophers put together a humorous, direct-to-the-political-point little ditty about President Bush entitled “They Threw A Shoe At You”, in time for the big party on tuesday.   Share this kick-in-the-pants send off to Bush!

Phil and the Osophers also announced some upcoming shows including the BAM-curated SOUNDS LIKE BROOKLYN Fest and a trip to Austin in March for sxsw:

Jan 30    10:00P   fat baby     New York, New York

Feb 14   10:30P   BAM SOUNDS LIKE BROOKLYN Fest @ Southpaw  Brooklyn, New York

Mar 18-22     SXSW    Austin, Texas