Ratatat: Space Jams

Riveria Theater – Chicago, IL
Two dudes walk onto a stage.
No, this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke.  Two dudes walk onto a stage, the screen behind them turns on and arms hit the air.
Its just two dudes on stage.
How entertaining can they be, right?  Two clear glass panels drop on either side of the stage, a white parrot appears simultaneously to the first note played.  The music is solely comprised of beats, blips and guitar riffs, as esoteric as that may sound they still put on a great dance party. Lasers and weird visuals that involve various birds doing the rapid head movement that they’re known for-which actually fits well with their music, the combination is almost beautiful in an odd way.  Clips of action movies are edited to flow along with the songs makes for an epic show, seeing a major action start jump for cover as an explosion go off, then on, then off, and every moment in between coinciding wit the the synth’s audio twists and warps. [Read more…]