Riot Fest Announces Full Schedule, Final Chicago Show for Cap’n Jazz, Changes to Line-Up for Busted at Oz Show

Riot Fest announces the full schedule for each of the shows and venues that comprise the fest, celebrating every generation of great punk music. With talent-packed shows at Congress Theater, Metro, Double Door, Subterranean, Triple A and Exit, fans have myriad options in Chicago next week (schedule below). Cap’n Jazz, beloved by fans in the early 90s and a touchstone band for the punk/emo evolution have announced that their Riot Fest appearance will be their last Chicago show, ever. The band has played a handful of shows in recent years, but on their Facebook page they advise fans, “So…this (Oct. 7) will conclude the Chicago portion of ‘Cap’n Jazz Reunion 2010’, please return your seats and seat tray tables to their upright position and thank you for flying with owls.” [Read more…]