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    In Photos: Lupe Fiasco at Soundset 2012

    Lupe Fiasco
    Shakopee, MN

    Lupe Fiasco Soundset 2012

    2012 marks the five year anniversary of Soundset. This festival was jam packed with music, B-Boys and B-Girls dancing the day away, a car show and graffiti art. Two Main Stages and the Fifth Element Stage delivered 40 artists performing nine hours of music. Unfortunately the fest was cut short due to tornado warnings. It was looking pretty ugly out during Lupe Fiasco so I cut out early. Boy am I glad I did! While walking to the car the winds started to kick up and the rain was on its way. By the time we reached the highway it was torrential downpour. The clouds moved fast and we could see a funnel cloud start to form. Shit was getting real out there!

    Even though Lupe didn’t get to finish his set he came out with some awesome energy. Out of the entire festival he definitly made my top 3 acts!

    Lupe Fiasco 2 Soundset 2012

    Lupe Fiasco 4 Soundset 2012

    Lupe Fiasco 6 Soundset 2012

    Lupe Fiasco 5 Soundset 2012

    Lupe Fiasco 7 Soundset 2012

    Lupe Fiasco 3 Soundset 2012

    In Photos: Aesop Rock w/ Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz at Soundset 2012

    Aesop Rock w/ Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz
    Shakopee, MN

    Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz Soundset 2012

    Ian Matthias Bavitz better known as Aesop Rock was at the forefront of the new wave of underground and alternative hip hop acts that emerged from the 1990s and early 2000s. According from his bio his name Aesop came from a movie he had acted in with some friends that stuck. The Rock part came later just from throwing it in rhymes. Yesterday he hit Soundset with Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz.

    Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 2 Soundset 2012

    Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 3 Soundset 2012

    Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 4 Soundset 2012

    Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 5 Soundset 2012

    Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 6 Soundset 2012

    Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 7 Soundset 2012

    Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 8 Soundset 2012

    In Photos: Villa Rosa at Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa
    Shakopee, MN

    Villa Rosa 12 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa is the collaboration project between Twin Cities MCs Muja Messiah and Maria Isa. They truely are everything I could ever ask for in a rap duo. With their powered energy they made my #1 top pick for the day. I will for sure be following them around the Twin Cities!

    Villa Rosa Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 2 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 3 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 4 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 5 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 6 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 7 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 8 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 9 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 10 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 11 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 13 Soundset 2012

    Villa Rosa 14 Soundset 2012

    In Photos: Chief Kamachi at Soundset 2012

    Cheif Kamachi
    Shakopee, MN

    Cheif Kamachi Soundset 2012

    Cheif Kamachi hit the Fifth Element Stage at Soundset yesterday. After years of touring Europe, Canada and the US and appearing on countless records Kamachi is out promoting his 2011 album “Rise and Rhyme Vol. 1″.

    Cheif Kamachi 2 Soundset 2012

    Cheif Kamachi 6 Soundset 2012

    Cheif Kamachi 3 Soundset 2012

    Cheif Kamachi 4 Soundset 2012

    Cheif Kamachi 5 Soundset 2012

    Cheif Kamachi 7 Soundset 2012

    In Photos: The Tribe & Big Cats at Soundset 2012

    The Tribe & Big Cats
    Shakapee, MN

    The Tribe & Big Cats Soundset 2012

    The Tribe & Big Cats bring it to Soundset 2012! They make rap fun with catchy lyrics and beats that make ya nod your head. If you haven’t seen TTxBC you should! They are one of my top picks for Soundset 2012.

    The Tribe & Big Cats 2 Soundset 2012

    The Tribe & Big Cats 3 Soundset 2012

    The Tribe & Big Cats 4 Soundset 2012

    The Tribe & Big Cats 5 Soundset 2012

    In Photos: Long Doe at Soundset 2012

    Long Doe
    Shakopee, MN

    Long Doe 5 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe Records is from the Southside of Minneapolis the trio of BIG WIZ, Mike The Martyr and Tony Bones rocked Soundset playing solo material as well as group tracks.

    Long Doe Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 7 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 2 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 3 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 4 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 10 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 6 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 8 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 9 Soundset 2012

    Long Doe 11 Soundset 2012

    In Photos: Action Bronson at Soundset 2012

    Action Bronson
    Shakopee, MN

    Action Bronson 2 Soundset 2012

    Action Bronson took the stage on a hot and steamy Soundset Sunday. His stage name derives from gangster William “Action” Jackson, and tough-guy actor Charles Bronson. Before entering the rap scene he was a respected fire-flame gourmet chef in New York City, and frequently raps about food in his songs. I don’t know if he has anything knew but he used to host his own online cooking show entitled “Action in the Kitchen“. Action Bronson released his debut studio album Dr. Lecter last year and is available in digital download and also on CD. You can find them on his website. Follow Action Bronson on Twitter

    Action Bronson 3 Soundset 2012

    Action Bronson 4 Soundset 2012

    Action Bronson 5 Soundset 2012

    Action Bronson 6 Soundset 2012

    Action Bronson Soundset 2012

    Action Bronson Fans Soundset 2012

    Action Bronson Fans 2 Soundset 2012