Betta Promotions Presents: Aktar Aktar November 12th at The Subterranean

Betta Promotions Presents:
Aktar Aktar
The Noise FM
Harrison Hudson
Into Arcadia
When: Saturday November 12th
Where: Subterranean – Chicago, IL
$6 in advance, $10 day of
Doors at 8:30 PM

Akatar Akatar

Betta Promotions will be hosting a four-band bill at Chicago’s Subterranean on Saturday November 12th.  The show will feature performances by:

Aktar Aktar- Aktar Aktar hails from Chicago and stays true to the city’s rich history of indie rock and folk music. Cleanly sung melodies are met with well-placed harmonies, all placed on top of elementary rock arrangements. With the release of their newest effort “Mothershipman” the band ensures music critics that it will be around for years to come, and a glowing edition to the country’s ever changing rock scene.

The Noise FM – While incorporating syncopated elements from modern dance-rock groups, The Noise FM demonstrates a rounded out knowledge of rock music, filled with long scale vocal melodies and driven guitar riffs. Finding itself nestled in the Midwest music scene, The Noise FM commands attention with their determined rendition of indie rock.  Energetic guitar hooks paired up with relentless percussion keeps listeners attentive from song to song.

Harrison Hudson – Harrison Hudson finds the pocket between traditional pop acts and energetic rock music.  The vocal melodies are clean and pristine, and the instrumentation serves as a tasteful vessel in the form of basic rock arrangements with quirky key parts.  Hudson’s songs give off a vintage vibe, giving listeners a flashback to 50s pop music.

Into Arcadia – Glistening through low-fi recordings is Milwaukee’s Into Arcadia.  The quartet’s rock styling is familiar but not blatant.  The delay driven guitar hooks, catchy choruses and persistent percussion sounds like something that calls alternative radio airwaves its home.

BETTA PROMOTIONS and Loud Loop Press Present: Beats and Blogs; A Musical Hotspot featuring White Mystery at Subterranean

BETTA PROMOTIONS and Loud Loop Press Present: Beats and Blogs; A Musical Hotspot featuring White Mystery at Subterranean

Saturday, December 18th, Betta Promotions! presents a veryspecial showcase at Chicago’s one and only Subterranean (Northand Damen), with featured presenter Loud Loop Press – ( Several exceptionally talented acts will be ondisplay such as; White Mystery, Hollows, Rabble Rabble and RadarEyes.
The 18th won’t just be the typical Betta Promotions event though. Bettahas joined forces with Loud Loop Press to showcase 17 of Chicago’s localindependent web focused music blogs to showcase what they do best: find great music and share it with the world. Be on the look out for constantcoverage, including an extremely well documented short film showcasing eachblog Representative listed below. This will air via all websites listed below onDecember 1st.
Taking part in this special event are Chicago’s very own;(no particular order) [Read more…]

Maps & Atlases: Last Seen At Chicago’s Subterranean

Maps & Atlases
Subterranean – Chicago, IL
June 26, 2010

Maps & Atlases Chicago

Chicago simply adores Maps & Atlases. This much was evident at the local group’s sold-out record release show at Subterranean on June 26, with fans pacing the sidewalks outside looking to buy tickets and those inside turning the packed venue into a sweaty dance party from the get-go. Playing a mix of material from their new release, Perch Patchwork, out June 29, and their first two self-released EPs, the quartet showed that though their sound has matured and progressed from earlier days of somewhat frenzied math rock, they haven’t slowed down their high-energy live shows one bit.

Read more of our live review of Maps & Atlases after the jump…

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Lawrence Arms Play For A Good Cause

Lawrence Arms
Subterranean – Chicago, IL
May 19, 2010


The Lawrence Arms (so generously) played a very small sold out show to benefit the victims of a recent attack in Chicago. It’s quite a sad story. Two young women were on their way home from a night out and brutally attacked with a baseball bat. You can read more about it here. Thank goodness the perpetrator was caught, but these poor girls are still left with some serious medical bills. The Larry Arms stepped in to help…

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betta promotions logo

Betta Promotions begins their May anniversary celebrations with a “Dance Party Throwdown” with DJ sets from some of the biggest hitters in Chicago! True Villain (Skyler), Midnight Conspiracy, Kid Color and Brookah, Alex Zelanka, and DJ Pacheco this Saturday, May 1st at Subterranean.

Chicago’s very own Skyler Mendoza turns into the True Villain will headline the night and keep the kids moving. 2009 Lollapalooza performer, Skyler has played at many of the top Chicago nightclubs and was named one of Chicago’s best DJs by NBC Chicago. With a background like that he’s sure to get any party started! The True Villain himself will have them sweating all night long with his unique old school house jams mixed with modern day electro and progressive sounds that’ll be hard to find anywhere else.

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Partner Post: Betta Promotions will be hosting A Lull, Suns, Group of Altos, and Young Sun at Subterranean

Betta Promotions will be hosting A Lull, Suns, Group of Altos, and Young Sun at Subterranean

Chicago IL March 25 2010 – On Saturday April 3 2010 Betta Promotions will bring a very illuminated and much anticipated line-up of Chicago, and Wisconsin’s, finest to Subterranean. Headlining the evening will be A Lull (Lujo Records). With one of the fullest  live bands (7 members to date) in the area, A Lull brings to the stage even more than they’ve managed to squeeze onto the ocean of sound that is their debut EP, Ice Cream Bones, and the more recent 7″ Weapons For War / Spread It All Around. Coming off multiple showcases in Austin at SXSW they’ll surely fulfill your expectations of any Saturday night. “[A Lull] have pulled together their collective indie rock experience to produce a lush, intricate, headphone-ready indie pop record that surprises, delights and frustrates – all in just over 11 minutes.”

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Cassettes Won’t Listen New Single “Perfect Day” Out Now!

Cassettes Won’t Listen New Single “Perfect Day” Out Now!

Host MTV2’s Subterranean December 13th

Fresh from a year of releasing an instrumental album titled Into The Hillside, a free remix EP, Fremix, as well as countless remixes for bands such as Dappled Cities, The Dears, and Broken Spindles, Cassettes Won’t Listen (Jason Drake) has returned with a brand new single titled “Perfect Day”. A tune that warmly welcomes the upcoming winter months, “Perfect Day” tells the tale of a heartbroken astronaut as he sets his sights towards the unknown darkness of deep space while saying goodbye to those he loves at home. The single also features a remix produced by CWL.

Look out for Jason this December 13th as he hosts an episode of MTV2’s Subterranean. Formerly 120 Minutes, Subterranean is MTV2’s one and only video show focused on the independent music scene. Former hosts include Air, Phoenix, and The Dead Weather. Set your DVR’s!!

CWL on Twitter:  

For Press Inquiries Contact Kip Kouri –

Miniature Tigers- NEW tour dates, Win MtvU’s The Freshman, Added to MTV2’s Subterranean

MINIATURE TIGERS have just won MtvU’s The Freshman for their hysterical video for Cannibal Queen
Make sure that you take a moment to check it out HERE!
The video has all been added to Mtv2’s Subterranean playlist.

They just wrapped up their winter tours with Ben Folds, Bishop Allen and Dear & The Headlights, Miniature Tigers are out on the road on a coast to coast tour with Kevin Devine.
More tour dates added!
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Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains w/ Flash Lightnin’ @ Subterranean

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains
Subterranean – Chicago, IL

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains Subterranean

I’m writing a poem about called “Flipping Exactly To The Right Page” about how if you were to experience a day without any missteps or miscommunications it would be horrible. On MySpace I checked out both scheduled openers for the Sebastien Grainger show Tuesday Night at one of Chicago’s best venues, Subterranean, and figured it wouldn’t be worth getting there too much before the former Death From Above 1979 frontman took stage.

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains SubterraneanFortunately, the Sebastien & the Mountains set was delayed a solid 85-minutes, I didn’t flip to the exact right page, there was a third opener added, and I was able to catch some cool moments from local band Tiger Spirit. Their slow-paced and straight-faced dark melodies in no way prepared the far too empty crowd for Flash Lightnin’.

The Flash Lightnin’ songs on MySpace in no way prepares a privileged witness to their live show, as well. Borrowing from the classic ’70s guitar-driven rock – including a cover of ZZ Top’s “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” because it was “really the only thing to do,” – Darren Glover and the playful, but seriously impressive, band were able to convert the more modern/indie-rockers. As an appreciator of the Guided By Voices style, lyrically-fueled, less-than two-minute-songs, I still recommend seeing their set, which got increasingly more intricate instrumentally as the their set drew to a close. Getting drunk before their set might be my second, and only other, recommendation.

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains SubterraneanSebastien’s set I was prepared for to be awesome. At 11:50, and after a Thax Douglas poem, Grainger opened with the killer “Love Can Be So Mean.” Being a scalper of indie shows seems like a tough market; some bands are able to sell out months in advance with nothing more than blog-buzz and a four-song EP, while the Daniel Johnston show last year was less than half-full. Last night, even in the cozy Subterranean and despite a more-than-fair eight-dollar cover, the venue was still sparsely occupied.

Most notably in the set was, I believe and could be wrong, “Meet New Friends,” which underwent a more spaced-out, clang-y change, and for the better. Grainger led the tight band through the first ten out of twelve songs in orderly fashion before stretching the last two or three for another twenty-plus minutes. Sebastien is a genius for cool bridges in the same way that Akon is with catchy hooks when he’s featured in dirty-south rap songs (3-6 Mafia’s “That’s Right, UGK’s “Hard As Hell”). Midway through the set Sebastien laid down my favorite track, “By Cover Of Night (Fire Fight),” which is highlighted by the bridge:

I was knocked down, she was knocked up
We went downtown, we got fucked up
Stayed up all night, took the train home
Woke up at 3, talked on the phone, yeahhhh

No need for a set list because he played pretty much all their songs, no new ones, and no covers except for twenty seconds of Television’s “Marquee Moon” during a solo from his knees. Between the EP and the album two versions of “Are There Ways To Come Home” exist, and last night’s live version may have been the best of all three. Other cool moments: he invited me on stage during “I Hate My Friends” as I eating a Warhead, when asked why he doesn’t cover the YYY’s “Maps” he said because “I don’t think I can cry and sing at the same time,” and he was in an overall happy and talkative mood that carried over in the positive, high-energy performance

Miniature Tigers Play CHICAGO On 3.31 At Subterranean With Bishop Allen

This week Miniature Tigers kick-off their sping tour with Dear & the Headlights. After culminating the run with two SXSW appearances, they will head right back out with Bishop Allen!

Their debut album “Tell it to the Volcano” out now on Modern Art Records. The new album comes on the heels of their two EP’s and stellar nods from press at CMJ ’08.

Tour dates after the jump!

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Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” Debuts On MTV 2 Subterranean Tonight At 1 AM & Premieres On MTV Subterranean Podcast Next Week 11/17

Gets MTV “Band To Watch” CMJ Exclusive / Become CMJ 2008 Favorites / Perform On AOL Spinner Interface

Chunk Of Change EP Out Now On Frenchkiss Records

Play NYC’s Glasslands December 5th : Featuring No Big Deal #3 Remix Contest With Fingers On The Pulse (Details Below)
And Great Scott New Years Eve Blowout In Allston, Mass

Click Here To View Exclusive MTV CMJ Coverage

Click Here To View “Sleepyhead” Video
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Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Subterranean – Chicago, IL
September 10, 2008

Does It Offend You, Yeah? Subterranean - Chicago, IL September 10, 2008

Last Wednesday I landed myself in an interesting predicament while trying to get into the Does It Offend You, Yeah? show at Chicago’s Subterranean. I started the night out expecting to be on the guest list since I was covering the show for a wonderful site known as Dead Hub. Needless to say, that didn’t last long because at the door I was informed that I wasn’t on the list by one of three bouncers. Thank you publicist!

No big deal I thought, I’d just pay the $12 to get in, right? WRONG. The show had sold out online no more than an hour before doors opened. A crowd of about thirty other people were left in the same situation and the bouncers weren’t willing to ‘bend the rules’ so to speak. Not willing to give up, I staked out the front of the venue along with Celia who also writes for Dead Hub. After about twenty minutes, I spotted James Rushnet (vox, bass) outside smoking a cigarette (thank you smoking ban.) We explained the situation and how Celia had done an interview with him over the phone just days earlier. He seemed eager to help and no one else outside seemed to recognize him so I didn’t feel too bad.

Now I should pause here for dramatic effect but let’s just say I wouldn’t “bet the farm” on a rock star’s word. After he ran off to find the elusive “Pete,” in order to get us on the list, we were left waiting once again. Most people would have given up after the band went on stage realizing that James wouldn’t be coming back out to get us on that list. But, I’ve been waiting for this show since I saw their set at Lollapalooza. Besides, I enjoy a challenge.

Keep reading after the jump to hear the rest of Andy’s adventure…

While waiting for people to leave so I could snag their wrist bands, I got to watch Morgan Quaintance’s sister cry to one of the bouncers, “just let me in, I don’t even want to drink.” Apparently, she had tried to pass a fake ID so she could drink with her friends. It took a lot of crying for her to convince the bouncer to let her in. I on the other hand, was still stuck outside listening to a muffled concert.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? Subterranean - Chicago, IL September 10, 2008Morgan Quaintance

We finally got our break when a couple that was leaving agreed to surrender their wristbands. Celia and I tried one last ditch effort to get into the show. We got about halfway in before I was stopped by one of the guards. Apparently I grabbed wristbands for 21+ and I already had X’s on both of my hands signifying under 21…damn. Because they only had a few songs left, Celia called it a night. I, however, decided to stick out the night.

It was my lucky night because a guy walked asking if anyone still needed a ticket. When I told him they only had a few songs left, he let me have his ticket for free. Score! I’m not sure which song I walked in on, I was busy getting my camera gear ready. The next song was We Are Rockstars. The previously docile crowd exploded into a dance club. That was exactly the kind of show I was expecting from them, crazy. The Brit rockers exited the stage briefly only to come back minutes later for their encore. Instead of the fitting Epic Last Song, they covered Devo’s Whip It, a familiar rendition instead of something more obscure.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? Subterranean - Chicago, IL September 10, 2008Morgan

I learned several valuable things during my first show for the Dead Hub. First, be prepared to find out your name isn’t on the list. Second, never trust a member of the band until they come through. And finally, the bouncers out here in Chicago don’t mess around. Bottom line, if you plan to see DIOYY, buy your tickets in advance so you can enjoy the entire dance party!

On the Phone With: Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Does It Offend You, Yeah?

This electro-punk act will be stopping in Chicago this Wednesday as apart of their current U.S. tour. The four-piece from Reading England have been gaining a lot of buzz and landed a spot at this years Lollapalooza Music Festival. If you haven’t heard of them, I would suggest you dig right in, blindfolded.

Their debut album You Have No Idea What You Are Getting Yourself Into is packed with energy & ridiculousness. But with song titles such as “Attack of the 60 ft Lesbian Octopus” what else would you expect?

I’ll admit I’m pretty excited about this show and earlier this week I got a chance to speak with lead singer James Rushnet to find out a little more…

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The Dirty Projectors at Subterranean

Dirty Projectors w/ No Kids, The Singleman Affair
Subterranean – Chicago, IL

Dirty Projectors w/ No Kids, The Singleman Affair Subterranean - Chicago, ILBy April, the rainy, bitter cold weather of Chicago gets tiresome, especially among a sold-out crowd of indie kids eagerly awaiting the Dirty Projectors show. But the cozy, warmly lit, bookstore-ish feel of Subterranean provided sweet relief (as well as couches), which suited the asymmetrical and stripped-down sounds, and was conducive to the vocal-led, harmony-heavy music of the Dirty Projectors, as well as opener, Singleman Affair (The No Kids, not so much).

Dirty Projectors w/ No Kids, The Singleman Affair Subterranean - Chicago, ILThe priority standing section was upstairs, leaning against the balcony railing, which, for the night’s less-confrontational rock, made sense. The show, because of the venue, crowd, view (and, of course, band), reinforced the very concept of going to a shared space to witness music being created. Singleman Affair was lead by Dan Schneider, who played seated, accompanying cool voice melodies and bluesy prophetic lyrics with soft acoustic guitar strumming (and nice whistling), with subtle back-up singing and rhythm-keeping percussion (not the most fun band to play back-up in, but cool music).

A quarter after 10:00, after the 35-minute Single Affair set, No Kids took stage with two keyboardists and a drummer. A fairly big portion of the audience seemed to be familiar with material from No Kids’ debut, Come into My House, and those who weren’t seemed impressed by the stuttering piano pop and falsetto singing of frontman Nick Krgovich. The last song of their eight song, 30-minute set was the single, “Beaches All Closed,” which by the audience’s roar of applause proved to be the favorite, but it wasn’t the best. I find the No Kids questionable. Their songs often lack substance, they never seem genuine, and I can never place my finger on what band they are mimicking or ripping off; the artist that comes through in “Beaches” is Justin Timberlake, which you can interpret however you want. Granted, there were just as many cool moments as the hard-to-stomach ones, but I was still struck by how well they were received and how much the Dirty Projectors’ director, Dave Longstreth, enjoyed them.

A Thax Douglas poem brought to stage the Dirty Projectors, who began their set with “Spray Paint.” The set list had been laid out before hand, so audiences near the front knew (if they peaked) what songs would come. While certain tunes, “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie,” “Depression,” “Rise Above,” and the new song highlighted their set, it wasn’t a matter of individuality; the performance was one cumulative piece. The preview of this show from FlavorPill called the DP, “One of the few experimental bands that are actually pleasing to the ears,” and that held true. Instead of sifting through distorted nonsense or waiting for the cool parts of songs to come, the alarming and atypical transitions, bridges, and song breakdowns were often the thrill. Dave, a lefty who played a right-handed guitar upside down, is equally impressive on guitar and singing. The show catered to his guitar playing, and unfortunately didn’t get to my favorites, the vocally fueled, “Naked We Made It,” “Obscure Wisdom,” and “Off Science Hill,” probably because these songs are primarily solo, and not tracks from the music-oriented Rise Above. For the set, Dave played with his 2008 band, Brian, Amber, and Angel; the girls were sick with fevers, causing Dave to allude to the Foreigner song, “Hot-Blooded,” (“I got a fever of 103”). The one song encore, however, “Police Story,” featured solo Dave, and functioned like an a cappella, which nicely capped off a pure, sincere night of music.

Photos of The Dirty Projectors: