The Concretes bring swede tunes to New York.

There’s been a Swede attack from the dance queen Robyn to folkster Tallest Man on Earth (aka Kristian Mattsson) last year, and 2011 will not let up either with the return of The Concretes. Known for their track “Say Something New” which peppered Target ads, the indie pop outfit has remained relatively quiet for the past few years. With former lead singer Victoria Bergsman’s (now Taken by Trees) departure, Lisa Milberg has stepped up fill the missing slot. Not since 2007’s Hey Trouble have The Concretes produced new tunes, and their latest effort WYWH brings all the winsome goodness you’ve loved them for with a splash of disco waves.

The Concretes bring their infectious melodies to the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, January 22. Tickets are $15 advance and at the door. Hooray for Earth and The Acrylics open.