Jimmy Eat World: Clarity Live in Chicago

Jimmy Eat World
Metro – Chicago, IL
February 28, 2009

jimmyeatworldmetrochicago2.jpgJim Adkins (lead vocals, lead guitar)

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Chicago Set List

Table For Glasses

Lucky Denver Mint

Your New Aesthetic

Believe In What You Want

A Sunday




Just Watch The Fireworks

For Me This Is Heaven



Goodbye Sky Harbor


No Sensitivity




The Middle


Jimmy Eat World Metro - Chicago, ILTom Linton (vocals, rhythm guitar)

Jimmy Eat World Metro - Chicago, ILRick Burch (bass)

Jimmy Eat World Metro - Chicago, ILZach Lind (drums)

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Jimmy Eat World Rocks MY World

Jimmy Eat World
NIU Convocation Center – DeKalb, IL

Jimmy Eat World NIU Convocation Center - DeKalb, IL

I could see Jimmy Eat World live in concert every single night for the rest of my life and never get sick of singing along to their songs. I LOVE this band. Saturday night marked the third time I have seen them perform live and each show gets better and better. The band must read my mind too because at this show they played ALL of my favorite JEW songs!!! How does that happen?! I must have excellent taste in music if the songs I want them to play during their set are the actual songs the band chooses to play each night during their own set! That is the only conclusion I can think of – no joke.

You are now probably wondering what my favorite songs are that they performed FOR ME (at least that is what I tell myself) live last night, right? Well, I am more than happy to tell you. Here we go…

Big Casino
A Praise Chorus
Bleed American
Hear You Me
The Middle
Let It Happen
Chase This Light
Just Tonight

Jimmy Eat World NIU Convocation Center - DeKalb, ILThe ONLY personal fav of mine that Jimmy Eat World did NOT play was Electable (Give It Up) from their latest album, Chase This Light. Now, if they were to have included that song in their set, I would have DIED of happiness. My life would have been complete! Seriously though, this band writes some of the best music I have ever heard and to hear their songs live and watch the guys play the notes right in front of me is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. I LOVE concerts for that reason – you get to watch the people who write the songs you love more than anything else, play their instruments and sing what you hear on your CDs RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

Jimmy Eat World NIU Convocation Center - DeKalb, ILI cannot wait until the next time JEW comes through the Chicago area because you KNOW I will be there. If you have not seen Jimmy Eat World live in concert before, I do not know what in the world you are waiting for. You HAVE to go to one of their shows before you die. It is such an amazing time. These guys have so much energy and you can tell they love what they do for a living. Jim Adkins – frontman, vocalist, and guitarist for the band – is soaked in sweat by the fourth song in their set! He gives about 300% during the show and is drenched the whole time, which is proof that this band does not slack off during a performance.

Jimmy Eat World NIU Convocation Center - DeKalb, ILPlease try and listen to all of the music Jimmy Eat World has written if you have not done so already. I own all of their albums and EPs. I don’t know what I would do without their music. Nobody should miss out on these songs. They are amazing. Jim Adkins and company were born to write music and I thank God that they have been given the chance to share what they create with the world.