Twin Atlantic Offers Rock and Roll American-Style

Twin Atlantic
Red Bull Records

Probably one of the most American sounding rock and roll albums of 2011 was written and recorded by a Glaswegian quartet who rock just as clean and hard as you please. The term American-sounding is based on the idea of putting four guys in the garage with their instruments and a case of PBR – let that germinate through the spring and see what the summer brings; powerful guitars, easy hooks, earnest vocals.

What these four young blokes do deliver is a multi-dimensional pastiche of pure sweetly realized sound hand-crafted with an eye for hard pop sensibility. There is a lot going on each song, but none of it is wasted or excessive. Everything fits – some elements more snug than others – but it is all there and it is all good.

Most of what’s going on informs of a variety of influences, but remains entirely their own. Their personality comes through on each note – their bravado that manifests itself in well-deserved confidence. The by-product of that confidence – is flawless play and bounding creativity.

Twin Atlantic creates a slick accessible rock and roll music that hooks old rockers like me with the jingly guitars – the tight harmonies, and the ironic lyrics. They also keep the youth audience front and center with their power and their drive. They swagger and sneer through “Free” which is an anthem that needs to be heard by all rockers; young and old.

Sam McTrusty (real name according to their website) possesses a voice alternates from power to passion to pushover like turning a switch.

Stand Out Tracks

Apocalyptic Renegade

Yes I’m Drunk


Crash Land