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    Where Are You?

    Kelly Rowland
    Here I am
    Released: July 22, 2011
    Universal Motown

    Kelly Rowland Here I Am Cover

    The other girl in Destiny’s Child put out another album. Not the rich one, not the religious one, the other one. The one that makes all the singles that you know and love, but have no idea who sings them? That’s right her, Kelly Rowland. Kelly is good for a hot single now and again but I don’t think she ever needs to make a full album. She’s alright jumping on a Ne-Yo track and doing a hook or doing an intro to a new Kells single and we’ll know she ‘s still alive and this will suffice on paying her rent. Truly homegirl needn’t 10 opportunities to hit the target, because 8 will miss the mark. Kelly has a problem repeating herself, repeating herself, repeating herself on the cd – when she runs out of creative lyrics and it’s annoying annoying annoying. If you have heard the two biggest singles “Commander” and “Motivation” you needn’t hear anymore. Especially the opening track where Kelly blatantly impersonates B. Kelly bites B so often on the CD that really the only difference in Kelly’s music is that Kelly drops the N word in almost every single and she’s not afraid to get dirty, tell you how and where she wants it and in which rooms. All of which could have been contained inside two dance singles, or an EP. The extra tracks just remind us that Kelly isn’t a Beyonce, sadly, she may not even know who she is.

    Ernie Ball Showcase: December 4th at the Key Club Featuring Red Car Wire

    Red Car Wire is one of the bands that are playing on December 4th. They were on this past summer’s Warped Tour. They were recently signed to Universal Motown Records. Need more information on Red Car Wire click here.

    Shiny Toy Guns Ricochet! With New Album

    The new Shiny Toy Guns album, Season Of Poison, will be released in stores and online Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 via Universal Motown.

    Their debut release, We Are Pilots, was GRAMMY nominated and sold around 250,000 records!

    shiny toy guns

    Check out a clip from the band’s first single, “Ricochet!” by clicking on the following links:



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