Dead Sara is Alive and Well.

Dead Sara
Dead Sara
To Be Released: 10/2011

I consider myself lucky to have gotten my hands on Dead Sara’s debut album early enough so that I can say “I told you all so!!” The rest of you will have to wait until October 2011 to purchase the album and hear it in it’s entirety. Until then you can attempt to get by with the bands first EP “The Airport Sessions” and what has sneaked onto youtube. I promise you though, the debut album is a whole other entity.

Dead Sara is a female fronted rock band from Los Angeles which indeed, rocks the fuck out. There is no other way to poetically put this besides saying that lead singer Emily Armstrong could read me her grocery list and I would be enthralled. Her voice is that captivating and so unique that I won’t even bother comparing it to any artist thus far. Friends and musical soulmates since their teens Emily and Siouxsie Medley (Also provides stunning vocals) front the band along with equally talented (and hotties) bassist Chris Null and drummer Sean Friday and come fall, they will all be stars.

The bands lyrics never show anything but honest depth and passion while being strung together almost effortlessly. Being a writer this makes me hate them for this, just slightly. The tracks “Lemon Scent” and “Face to Face” showcase these lyrical talents, and displays Emily’s unmatched signature growl. “Test My Patience” contains another lyical gem: “I’m in love, I’m in love, No I’m not, oh my god, I’m a liar I can taste it” belted out by Emily. You listen and think, what other female is doing this? Coming in at 11 tracks with more balls and diversity than anything I have heard in a while, with musical shifts from sweet folk and sad blues to screeching metal howls, to rock and roll and back again – This music can’t be classified in any way -other than GOOD.

I leave you with the youtube teaser provided by the band, and it’s no joke, they are THAT good.