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Emily Hurd’s Daytime Fireflies

Emily Hurd
Daytime Fireflies

The very things that attract us to a potential mate – tend to be the same things that eventually become the most annoying habits or affectations that person possesses.

Emily Hurd is a smart and gifted songwriter who has released a collection of bold and textured songs. Her quirk is a lisp that whistles at times while it is almost completely inaudible on other songs.

I am not – by any means – making fun of Hurd – I am curious why she plays it up on some cuts and downplays it on others. She creates these sweet little moody pieces of music that draw you in either through a rolling melody that tugs at the heartstrings or by visual images that read like Don Robertson vignettes.

There are moments where her dramatic flair delves into the melodramatic – but her lilting voice and the innocence in her delivery forgive any misstep.

The title cut “Daytime Fireflies” combines a vintage show-tune with some later Beatles’ orchestral fidgeting. Lyrically it is filled with irony (literary irony as opposed to the misnomer that Alanis M. sang about a number of years ago) that  makes the listener think – and then smile to themselves as they unravel the idea within the musical context. [Read more…]