Can Yelawolf drive your Daddy’s Lambo?

Trunk Musik 0-60
Interscope Records

YelaWolf Trunk Musik 0-60 Let’s get some obvious things out of the way. I am aware these details may be shocking so I ask that you please stay with me. YelaWolf is a white rapper. He is not Vanilla Ice nor Eminem. While he is slim and covered in ink, he is also not Travis Barker. YelaWolf is in fact his own entity. He is a talented up and coming force on the rap/hip-hop scene and he can hold his own without these comparisons. Although he doesn’t mind the Eminem one, since he hasn’t done too shabby in the industry. Above all things, he hopes you recognize his catfish arm piece and knows if you respect the fish you’ll realize, he is in fact something different in hip hop.

YelaWolf’s first commercial release on his new deal with Interscope Records is titled “Trunk Muzik 0-60.” Six already released songs (from a mixtape bearing almost the same name) are on the album alongside six new tracks including “Daddy’s Lambo”, “Love is Not Enough”, and “Pop the Trunk”. These tracks easily confirm YelaWolf’s best talent; his lyrics. Which include a fine usage of the word “Biscuit”, which I hadn’t heard so efficiently done since being echoed down my high school hallways. Followed later by this gem: “Confederate flag I see you on the truck with the windows down, Why’s he playin beanie sigel?”
Quintessential hip-hop songs must do one of two things for me in order to get my seal of approval. One: I need a nasty beat that makes me bounce. Two: Please tell me a story. (One that doesn’t pertain to hoes, gold, and poppin’ bottles. Not because I’m against it, but because it’s worn out.) I have to give it to your boy YelaWolf, by track two on his new album “Trunk Muzic 0-60” he had for-filled my two requirements. Tight ghettotech production skills are provided by WillPower, Malay, Drumma Boy, Chris “Drama” Pfaff etc. Meanwhile Yelawolf doesn’t hold back on his Alabama inspired stories that run through each track on the record. Stories.. what real hip hop is about, things that can’t be said on the radio. It will be interesting to see if YelaWolf will cross over to pop friendly hip hop like so many other rappers before him. You can’t hate on someone for chasing larger coin, but I hope he stays versatile and true to his heartfelt proclamation: “I would never sign myself down to any style.” Being cross genre friendly has worked for the likes of SantiGold, M.I.A, and Drake. As YelaWolf blows up I look forward to him holding true to his words and roots. I welcome some classic rock samples laced with his tight lyrics over them. All while not being Eminem, Travis or Van Winkle – instead making a name for himself, and defining the cookie cutter image of what a rapper is, or should be.  If he doesn’t sell out and go “pop-hop” on us, he may be the breath of fresh air hip hop needs.. A new storyteller of our times, southern fried.