Lady Gaga “Yoü And I” Remixes

Lady Gaga You and I remixes

Sometimes the remixes are better than the original! Take a listen to Metronomy and Wild Beasts remixes of  “Yoü And I” from Gaga below.   “Yoü And I” is her latest single and is now available to purchase on iTunes with  seven brand new versions.  The remixes are from  Wild Beasts, Mark Taylor, 10 Kings, ATB, Metronomy, Danny Verde, and Hector Fonseca.

Yoü And I (Metronomy Remix)

Yoü And I (Wild Beasts Remix)

Ingrid Goes Gaga, Vanilla Ice, Fresh Prince, and Britney

Ingrid Michaelson
Riviera Theatre – Chicago, IL
April 2, 2010Ingrid Michaelson Riviera Theatre

Not many things are impossible. Difficult maybe, but not impossible. However, I do believe that getting tired of seeing Ingrid Michaelson live in concert could be something that is most definitely impossible. Having attended each and every one of Ingrid Michaelson’s performances in Chicago since March 2008, I can honestly say I never get sick of going to the singer/songwriter’s shows. I don’t think I ever will. Each time is such a unique and intimate experience with Ingrid always telling the crowd hilarious new stories from her life and cracking jokes that get everyone laughing out loud. LOLs for realz…

More photos of Ingrid Michaelson and the set list after the jump!

Set List / Chicago

Soldier / Poker Face / Soldier

Die Alone

The Hat


You And I

*new song*


The Chain

Locked Up

Ice Ice Baby / The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air / The Way I Am


Far Away

Toxic (Britney Spears cover)

“Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face,” sang Michaelson in the middle of opening number “Soldier.” Not that I didn’t love Ingrid before her impromptu cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” but as soon as those words left Michaelson’s lips, I fell even more in love with this girl, her personality, and her music. What a perfect way to kick off a show. As Michaelson repeated the “Poker Face” chorus over and over again, yours truly was smiling, chuckling, and singing along. I don’t care what anyone says, that Gaga song is addictive as any narcotic and everybody knows the words. Once Ingrid got Gaga out of her system, she and her five-piece band got back on track and finished out the rest of “Soldier,” which just so happens to be my favorite song on the artist’s new record Everybody.

After “You And I” came a new song whose title was never mentioned. But I came up with my own name for the new tune: “Long Gone.” This is because the phrase “You been long gone” was sung so often during what appeared to be the chorus, that anybody would assume the song must be called something along the lines of “Long Gone.” While introducing her new untitled material, Michaelson begged fans to be gentle with her new baby. “It just came out of the musical vagina,” joked Ingrid. “Be nice to it. It’s brand new. It’s just a baby.” Too bad her most recently born child is not on mom’s Everybody record because after hearing what I heard last Friday night, I am officially obsessed with the hunt to hear it again! All I can remember were the phrases “Give it up today,” “You been long gone,” and “I want to feel loved.” Michaelson better release a recorded version on iTunes stat.

At last the time came when Michaelson had to perform the one song that brought her mainstream success and will forever be the hit she is known for. After getting up from behind her keyboard where she had performed “Locked Up,” Ingrid announced to the audience that, “I’ve sung this song like 1,000 times so I have to change it up,” as her band played the tune’s intro on a constant loop. You all know what song I’m talking about…”The Way I Am.” However, what came out of this sassy singer’s mouth was not the expected lyric “If you were falling…” What we got instead was the first verse to “Ice Ice Baby” by the one and only Vanilla Ice. But oh wait! There’s more. Michaelson followed up her white boy rapping with some old school Will Smith and spat out “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,” the theme song memorized by every fanatic of hit TV series The Fresh Prince. Change it up, indeed.

Next up was lead single “Maybe” off of Ingrid’s latest record Everybody. Michaelson ordered fans to pass up a note from a fan who was frantically waving it around in the air in the hopes that it would catch the performer’s attention. Well, his plan worked. Ingrid ordered fans to pass up the note, which was from a boy named Jake. Inside the note was a wallet size photo of Jake and one daring question: Will you go to prom with me? “This song is for Jake,” said Michaelson before stuffing the photo into the left side of her bra, right over her heart. Aww… “Mandolin solo!” shouted Michaelson to one of her band members during the contagious sing along “Far Away.” Not to be outdone by the intricate and impressive mandolin solo, Ingrid snatched up what seemed to be a toy piccolo type of instrument from the woodwind family and attempted to give the song her own bit of flair.

It always annoys me when an artist ends their already very short set with a cover of someone else’s song versus one of their own compositions. And that is exactly what Ingrid Michaelson did last Friday night in Chicago. “This song is not mine. It’s by a girl who is finally just now getting the attention she deserves. She is coming into her own and I’m so proud of her,” said Michaelson with not one drop of sarcasm. “It’s by a Miss Britney Spears.” While I will acknowledge that “Toxic” is a classic great song, disappointment is what I felt when I realized that Ingrid wouldn’t be squeezing in one of her own tracks to finish out her set.

This tour is a “co-headlining” venture with Ingrid performing each gig alongside fellow singer/songwriter guitarist/pianist Mat Kearney. The two headliners take turns in every city playing last. With Ingrid playing first in Chicago, she got one hour to serenade her fans, and I will freely admit how unhappy I was with that time allotment. Michaelson has enough albums and tunes to play for an hour and half. I could have down without the tribute to Britney. Couldn’t we all? I would have been perfectly pleased and satisfied with the last song of Ingrid’s set being one of my favorites such as “Starting Now,” “Men Of Snow,” or “Once Was Love.”

Nevertheless, I left this show grateful that I was there. In all honesty, “Toxic” wasn’t so bad once the original version began blasting through the house PA with Michaelson centering herself in between band members as they all lined up and executed a previously made up and rehearsed dance routine. A grin spread across my face as I thought to myself, Nice try guys, but Britney puts you to shame when it comes to the dancing. Practice makes perfect!

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Can Ingrid Michaelson Please Be My Best Friend?

Ingrid Michaelson
Park West – Chicago, IL
October 26, 2009

Ingrid Michaelson Park West

I am ‘that girl’ who was more excited to see Ingrid Michaelson than to see Dave Matthews himself (sorry Dave) last summer when she opened for his namesake band as part of their national tour. When I found out I was going to her headlining show Monday night at the Park West theater here in Chicago, I couldn’t imagine anything better than two hours of Ingrid: antics, music, and all. The anticipation I had for her sultry songs, her sarcastic sense of humor, and her musicality consumed me until the moment she commanded the stage with the song “Soldier” from her new album Everybody. After that first song, the pace of the show didn’t let down until the show was over.

More photos of Ingrid Michaelson after the jump…

Ingrid Michaelson Park WestWhether it be from comparing audience participation to a horrible kiss at the end of a good date during “The Hat” or a battle between the sexes with introductory cheer songs to sing to audiences before “You and I,” Ingrid knew how to keep everyone in hysterics. I can’t forget to include her pop-opera rendition of TLC’s hit “No Scrubs” before her acoustic ballads portion of the show or the part where she made everyone sing ‘Jingle Bells’ as mice. I think the audience was conflicted as to whether they wanted her to tell stories or sing, but once she begin singing and quit talking, no one was complaining. She delivered every song taking the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions from heavy songs like “The Chain” to romantic ballads like “Incredible Love” to breakup rants like “Once Was Love” and finally to the up-tempo sing-a-longs like “Everybody,” “Be Ok,” and her new hit “Maybe.”

Did I mention the fact that throughout the show, she played the guitar, ukulele, piano, and even made a cameo appearance at the drum set? Ingrid’s raw talent was all I needed for this show, but I can safely say that the added hilarity made it one of the best shows I have seen all year.

To top everything off, her and her band pulled off the most memorable encore I have ever experienced. Due to time constraints with the venue, instead of going offstage and running back on, Ingrid and her band hid on stage behind the drum set, guitars, and even a drumstick for about a minute then busted out the first song of the encore which was a rendition of her new hit “Maybe” as an ode to Mexican food.

The measure of her success and talent can be measured by the fact that I left the theater wondering why she didn’t sing this song from the album Boys and Girls or that song from her album Be OK. She did, however, sing most of the songs from her new album, which I found myself singing along to the next day without being familiar with them beforehand.

I left the show feeling satisfied and also like I can never get enough of Ingrid. Judging by the packed house she played for, neither can anyone else. For those of you who missed the show, I will leave you with this: “Cause maybe when she comes back, when she comes back around”, you won’t miss her show.

Written by: Kate Jacobsen






August 13, 2009—Anarbor has lent its track “You And I” from its Hopeless Records debut EP Free Your Mind to the upcoming Cartoon Network movie,

Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins.

The film will premiere on Cartoon Network on Sunday, September 13 and will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 22. The home video version will include the music video for Anarbor’s “You And I” which premiered on Cartoon Network on August 2 following the weekend-long Scooby Doo marathon, and has been airing in between shows all month long.

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Cut Off Your Hands Announce 2009 North American Spring Tour

Cut Off Your Hands Announce 2009 North American Spring Tour With Ra Ra Riot
Release First Single “Turn Cold” From Debut LP
You And I Out This Week On Frenchkiss Records


“Power-pop ooh-lahs, hip-rocking post-punk backbeats, and sleek guitar fingerings.” Spin Magazine

“Swirling, elegiac punk.” Dazed & Confused Magazine UK

“Honestly, what’s not to love? ” NME

“Swooooon”  Vice Magazine

After debuting on Speak n Spell Records in 2006 with the bristling Shaky Hands EP, Cut Off Your Hands quickly set stages and airwaves on fire across Australia and beyond. And with steady attention to touring and the production of melodic, musical gems their avid fan base and the cavalcade of media hyperbole has only continued to grow.

With their nationwide billing on 2007’s Laneway Festival and jaunts to Los Angeles, SXSW and New York really getting the ball rolling, it was, tellingly, the band’s first visit to London that would prove their watershed moment.Having been bewitched by the band in Texas, the lovesick indie-maven Steve Lamacq (hosting John Peel’s old show on BBC6) wasted no time in pulling them into his Maida Vale studios for a live performance when he knew they were in town. All of a sudden the boys from the antipodes were a bright pin punched on the British musical ‘map’, and as a consequence, their remaining shows were rammed full of hungry industry folk.

It was also while in London that the group, through various channels and the snowballing momentum, found themselves working with ex-Suede guitarist and Producer de jour, Bernard Butler, for the first time. Their second EP, Blue on Blue, being the fruit of their labours. While the recording’s lead tracks, ‘Still Fond’ and ‘Oh Girl’, settled quickly into the higher echelon of the radio charts at home, things continued to move for the band abroad. For the release of their debut English 7” – the double a-side Still Fond/Closed Eyes – through vinyl-ists Fandango was followed almost overnight by the inking of a deal with 679 Recordings (home to The Streets, Mystery Jets and Death From Above 1979).

Through the heady rush of record deals, single releases and the imminent debut LP however, the group’s dedication to their first love, the live arena, never waned. Incessantly in the van, Cut Off Your Hands forged solid friendships with fans and bands alike through UK tours with the whip-smart Foals, the legendary Edwyn Collins and Florida’s Black Kids – not to mention shows with The Duke Spirit and Les Savy Fav. All this while also treading the festival circuit, playing eight shows in just three days at last year’s CMJ festival in New York before winging their way to Iceland’s epic Airwaves festival and a return to Australia to play Falls Festival and the full Australasian tour of Big Day Out – alongside Bjork, Dizzee Rascal and LCD Soundsystem.

Now based in the dynamic environs of Hackney, London, the band have finished juggling life on the road with life in the studio, (for now) having put the final coat on their debut LP ‘You and I’, with Butler once again at the helm. With such an amazing album waiting in the wings, Cut Off Your Hands couldn’t be set in a better position to win over the World’s hearts.

Right. That’s about enough of the press spiel…let’s hear what Nick Johnston – Cut Off Your Hands’ Iggy-like, whirling dervish of a front-man – has to say about Bernard, recording and the record…

“For the album we all felt Bernard was the best for our band. He just seems to understand us as a group more than most. He’s very hands-on with the pre-production, with a clear vision for how each instrument has a part to play in bringing the best out of a song.

For the first time I’ve written songs with the studio in mind, as opposed to writing for our live show. Once again, this has been just treating each song in the way that best suits the song. Bernard’s really adamant in pushing to treat each song on its merits. Some songs worked straight away, whilst others came together slowly, only sounding amazing once we put all the vocals and overdubs on.

There’s a whole lot more instrumentation on the record this time as well. BB was really keen to make a record which had points of difference to separate us from the droves of British guitar bands around right now. And we’ve taken a few more risks than usual. Bernard has taken us (as players) out of our comfort zones, deconstructing the way we think. But it’s a good, healthy thing – risk taking- because when it works out you progress. I feel that the new songs are definitely an organic progression. In that the songs from the EP Blue On Blue were completely melody based, but all fairly similar. They were bouncy and energetic. Hopefully we’ve made a LP which listens in a far more dynamic sense than the two previous EP’s.

Our pop sensibility has come lately. (While writing the record) I was listening to a lot of doo-wop – in particular Phil Spector produced groups like the Ronnettes, and the Crystals – and I’ve been obsessed with how melodically centred those old songs are. It’s what makes them still relevant and exciting to someone like me, a 23 year old, 50 years later. I also began seriously taking an interest in 1950’s artists such as Roy Orbison, Ritchie Valens and Elvis. I found that I was no longer that interested in weird sounds, or noisy groups, all I wanted to hear and recreate were beautiful vocal melodies that are calculated but appear so effortless.

We feel we’ve really matured as songwriters quite a bit since the last release, and we think that maturity is demonstrated in the depth of this record. I’m happy that Bernard has been so eager to take risks with our music, and has aimed to make a record we’ll still be listening to in years to come.”

North American Dates


2/21 – Richard’s on Richards w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Vancouver BC

2/22 – Lucky Bear w/Ra Ra Riot – Victoria BC

2/24 – Doug Fir Lounge w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Portland OR

2/25 – Neumo’s Crystal  Ball Reading w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Seattle WA

2/27 – The Independent w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – San Francisco CA

2/28 – El Rey Theatre w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Los Angeles CA

3/1 – The Loft-UCSD w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – La Jolla CA

3/2 – Detroit Bar w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Costa Mesa CA

3/7 – Kilby Court w/Future Cop & Theophilus – Salt Lake City UT

3/15 – Firebird w/Headlights, Pomegranates & Gentlemen Auction House – St Louis MO

3/16 – Conservatory w/El Paso Hot Button – Oklahoma City OK

3/24 – The Cinemat w/Passion Pit & Ra Ra Riot – Bloomington IN

3/25 – Musica w/Passion Pit & Ra Ra Riot – Akron OH

3/26 – Blind Pig w/Passion Pit & Ra Ra Riot – Ann Arbor MI

Cut Off Your Hands Launch MySpace Video Channel

RCRD LBL Release Exclusive Track “An Iron Sleep”
“You & I” Out January 20th On Frenchkiss Records
Produced By Bernard Butler (Suede, Duffy & Manic Street Preachers)

Click Here To View MySpace Video Channel

Click Here To Download And Share “A Iron Sleep”
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Cut Off Your Hands To Release “You & I” On Frenchkiss Records On January 20th 2009

Produced By Bernard Butler (Suede, Duffy & Manic Street Preachers)
CMJ 2008 Favorites/ Happy As Can Be EP Out Now

Pitchfork Media At CMJ 2008 : At CMJ 2008  :

Sentimentalist At CMJ 2008 :

Metro NY At CMJ 2008 :

“Power-pop ooh-lahs, hip-rocking post-punk backbeats, and sleek guitar fingerings.” Spin Magazine

“Swirling, elegiac punk.” Dazed & Confused Magazine UK

“Honestly, what’s not to love? ” NME

“Swooooon”  Vice Magazine

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