Kate Voegele of One Tree Hill Interview – Part 2

Kate Voegele Interview – Part 2
Schubas – Chicago, IL

Katie Voegele Schubas interview

Listen up One Tree Hill fans! Kate got back to me via email and we now have the second half of our interview from her Chicago tour stop. To read Part One click here. Let’s just get right to it:

1) Where would you like to tour next after making your way through the U.S.? I would so love to tour Europe. I’ve never been there before, so seeing everything and experiencing the culture would be so amazing on top of playing shows there.

2) What do you do in your down time to keep your musical skills “up to par”? What down time?? Ha. I don’t have a lot of time where I’m not working, but to keep my musical skills up to par I like to learn songs that I’m into at the time or maybe mess with an alternate tuning on the guitar. I’ve also been writing on piano a lot and learning to accompany myself live with chords for versatility.

3) Who would you love to work with in a future musical collaboration (producers, songwriters, singers, bands) who you have not previously worked with? I love what Jon Brion did with Fiona Apple’s “When the Pawn,” and Ethan Johns does amazing work with Ryan Adams. Though both of those artists and records aren’t necessarily exactly similar to my music, I’d love to make an album with a different sound similar to both of those at some point.

4) If given the opportunity, what artist or band would you love to meet and interview? I would love to meet Patty Griffin and just get inside her head about her process. She’s such a songwriting genius and her delivery is unbelievable. I love every single record she’s put out.

5) Do you feel that acting on One Tree Hill takes away from your primary focus as a musician? Acting on One Tree Hill has been nothing but beneficial, and I don’t think it takes away from my focus at all. If anything, it only encourages it because I’m playing my own songs on the show and playing a musician. The show has been such an amazing platform for me to create awareness about my music.

6) How do you like playing the character of Mia on One Tree Hill? I love it! Acting is such an artistic experience. Mia is a great character too. She’s so young-spirited and even though she’s timid at first, she has a really playful personality underneath it. Everyone I worked with was amazing too, and so welcoming.

7) How did the role of Mia on One Tree Hill come about? I went to an audition casting call in LA last summer totally not expecting to get the role. I hadn’t had much acting experience at all but I went in anyway and read for the part. After I read my lines, the creator of the show said, “Kate, I know music is your gig but you could do this for a living too you know.” I was completely floored because I had no idea what to expect. Two weeks later, I was shooting my first episode. It was fun and especially exciting because I had to audition so it really felt like I earned it.

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  1. William A. Dallman says:


    Great interview! You rock!

  2. Claire says:

    I love Kate Voegele on One Tree Hill, she has an incredible voice and is an amazing actress!


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