Kelly Harper on the New EP and her Plans for 2010

Kelly Harper is a pop singer. You may have already heard some of her hits on TV, especially if you have tuned into MTV. She has already broken stereotypes of just “the good looking blond” by having her song “New Best Friend ” striking at number 38 for four weeks on Billboards R&R Top 40/CHR indicator charts. We had the privilege to talk with Kelly recently about her childhood, her new album, and her plans for 2010. Yes, there is a tour in there!

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Dead Hub: What is your fondest memory of your childhood days?

Kelly Harper: I remember mom bought “Star Stage” microphone. I would go down to the basement and there would be spotlight hanging and I would turn the music on and sing to different music. I would also shut my door and sing on my bed if it were the stage with the animals would be my audience.

DH: Can you tell me about “Forever Tears?” It’s a pretty sad song!

Kelly Harper: I co-wrote it with someone. It’s based on personal experience! Everyone had a good or bad childhood and my songs are definitely from personal experience. The song is about when my parents got divorced and me going through it. It was hard for me to write it and listen to it….still.


DH: What does it feel like to listen to you own songs on TV shows like The Real World, and Bad Girls Club?

Kelly Harper: You know when I first starting hearing them it was a weird thing. The more that I hear myself I am getting used to it! (Kelly reflects) Oh my gosh, is that me? I like it now! It’s surreal to have a dream and then see it happening.

DH: What are your plans for 2010?

Kelly Harper: It’ll be an awesome year and I have a radio tour. February is the cd release and in March is the radio tour. The radio tour is going to hit west coast and the south. We plan on 15 shows in Texas and in California. It’s going to be in studio acoustic performances.

DH: What can you tell us about the new album?

Kelly Harper: The new album is a little different than Forever Tears. I think It’s more acoustic, organic, and overall more maturely written. I wrote the EP with great writers that have had lots of hits on the charts. I was excited because I recorded it in Christopher Ward. He wrote “Black Velvet”. We co-wrote two of the songs on the new album.

DH: What has been the most difficult part of developing your music career?

Kelly Harper: I would say for me just finding my niche and the development process of finding out who you are as an artist. It was really finding a genre that I was comfortable with that’s says “it’s me.”


DH: What advice do you have for others just starting out?
Kelly Harper: I had people tell me my voice wasn’t good enough that I’d never make it, but I strive for it. If you believe in yourself and surround yourself with great people, anything is possible.

DH: Biggest highlight of your music career so far?

Kelly Harper: I would say it was going out on tour two years ago. It was my first tour and I was by myself and the band. We had a bus and I got to experience life. I was able to meet my fans and have them be really excited to meet me. It’s about touching other people and it’s great just to see people that like to see what you are doing.

DH: Who are you listening to right now?
Kelly Harper: Lady GAGA! My musical taste ranges from that to Kelly Clarkson, Kings of Leon, Rihanna, and Jay-Z.

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