This Week’s Featured Artist: Sugar Red Drive

Archit Tripathi- Vocals
Jim Knauss- Guitars
Davey Alexander- Bass
P.J. Gasperini- Drums

sugar red rive cover

Sugar Red Drive really reminds me a bit of Buckcherry. They are some good old rock and roll boys from New York. The band started off as Mercury Rising, but it wasn’t until their original frontman decided to the leave the band to join the army. They searched Myspace for a new singer and found Archit. Like most bands in this situation they changed their name to what we know it as today, Sugar Red Drive.

More tour info and how to help get them to open for Bon Jovi after the jump!

They currently have the super-charged single, Red Machine, gracing the airwaves. They are also trying to get that covented opening spot for Bon Jovi. Check here to find out how you can help!

Click here to purchase their debut

Check them out on MySpace!

Check them out on tour now:
Apr 16 2010     7:30P     The Loft      Poughkeepsie, New York
Apr 17 2010     8:00P     Video shoot      Hyde Park
Apr 18 2010     8:00P     Video shoot      Hyde Park
Apr 22 2010     4:30P     WHXR/106.7FM Acoustic performance/interview      Portland, Maine
Apr 23 2010     7:00P    On The Rocks      Hartford, Connecticut
May 4 2010     7:00P     Thunders Tavern      Pascagoula, Mississippi
May 5 2010     7:00P     FIRE      Jackson, Mississippi
May 6 2010     7:00P     The Muse      Nashville, Tennessee
May 7 2010     7:00P     The Sound Factory      Charleston, West Virginia
May 9 2010     7:00P     Inferno      Parkersburg, West Virginia
May 11 2010     7:00P      Four D’s      Fort Wayne, Indiana
May 12 2010     7:00P     The Machine Shop      Flint, Michigan
May 13 2010     7:00P     Planet Rock      Battle Creek, Michigan
May 14 2010     7:00P     Big Eds      Amelia, Ohio
May 15 2010     7:00P    Back Bar      Janesville, Wisconsin
May 16 2010     7:00P         Penny Road Pub        Chicago, Illinois
May 19 2010     7:00P     The Field House      Springfield, Illinois
May 21 2010     7:00P     Aftershock      Kansas City, Missouri
May 22 2010     7:00P     Outland Ballroom      Springfield, Missouri
May 23 2010     7:00P    Big Nose Kate’s      Salina, Kansas
Jul 4 2010         4:00P     Atlanta Braves Turner Field      Atlanta, Georgia

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