Understated – Not Underrated – GHOSTHOUSE Grooves

Fashionably Late

From the city that is home to the biggest and the boldest of everything comes an understated funk duo named Ghosthouse that has the necessary chops, the warmth of delivery, and the cheesy synthesizers to invoke funk pioneers – yet there is a youthful exuberance that (usually) works for them.

Once again – though – I would have hoped their youthful vigor would have resulted in an LP.  Recording four songs for release just never feels as satisfying as getting a full length that the listeners can sit for a spell and wrap their ears around.

It is even more exasperating when the music is as tight and righteous as Chicago’s own Ghosthouse. There is nothing new here – a lot of synthesizers and affected vocals – but the combination of Jimmy Con and Chuck New and their varied musical influences combine to make some pretty interesting music – then you only get four songs.

Song titles (titles in general) are safe from the copyright laws. If I wanted to go out and cut an album and call it Let it Be. I would be able to with no problem. I would never go anywhere because radio station programmers are lazy. They see the title and they go with the version they are familiar with.

Ghosthouse has a cut called “Private Dancer” and it has nothing to do with Tina Turner or her iconic song of the same name. This disc is fairly wrapped up with the Monkee’s 1960s classic “Stepping Stone.”

And just that soon it is over. You have to hit play again – or find something with a longer playing time and a similar beat. When your music is this soulful and sweet – and you are making the kind of music you want to make – why settle for four songs?

Stand Out Tracks

“Steppin’ Stone”


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  1. john says:

    Ghosthouse has changed so much since back in 2006 when they were putting out REALLY GOOD hip hop music. I’m so happy with the direction they took because I don’t see a lot of people putting out funk like this nowadays. Cannot wait for the full album!

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