Nightmare? I Ain’t Scared!

Alice Cooper
Welcome 2 My Nightmare
Released: September 13, 2011
Label: Bigger Picture

Alice Cooper Welcome 2 My Nightmare

At 63 years old Mr. Alice Cooper remains a theatrical fellow. His new Album Welcome 2 My Nightmare is just in time for Halloween, it provides the creepiest background music you could desire for your Halloween party and eerie haunted houses. Some of the tracks could seamlessly blend into a good horror movie, a sadistic Broadway thriller, or a suspenseful commercial, but beyond all of those options, I can’t picture anyone taking this music seriously.

When a senior aged man wears clown make up, an oversized top hat, and fake blood out in public and writes songs named: “”I’ll Bite Your Face Off”; He’s already down a few points on my taken seriously scale. On the opening track Alice gives auto tune a shot and he plummets to background music for D list films. This cd serves as the follow up to the first 1975 album by the same name, but this time I doubt there won’t be any #1 hits, unless you consider the hit it will be at Jimmy’s Halloween Ho-Down in East Overshoe….

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